iEnvision User's Guide

iEnvision is displaying images longer than it should.

Every time I run a show, it starts where it last left off. How do I get the show to start at the beginning?

A show contains some amazing images, but there are no captions, so I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

I found a site with a lot of cool images, but when I have iEnvision auto-create a show using the site's URL, I get a lot of images I don't want.

I can't double-tap to zoom.

I published my shows to my .Mac account, but iEnvision gives an error or doesn't find them, when I enter my .Mac user name.

The images in some shows seem to be out of order.

The images in a show seem out of date.

Some shows don't seem to start where they left off.

I published my shows to my .Mac account, but iEnvision doesn't create the group I'm expecting.

A show is playing too quickly, or too slowly, or automatically starting when I don't want it to, or...

Some of the shows get errors, or do not display the images I'd expect.