iEnvision User's Guide

About iEnvision

iEnvision turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a comic strip or manga reader, art gallery, children's book or news library, space museum and more. iEnvision organizes the amazing array of Web-based images into an easily accessed, concise set of groups, with a large number of "Web shows" within each group. Each Web show presents its subject in a full-screen automated slide show, which can be viewed and controlled just as you'd expect on your iPhone.

iEnvision comes with a large set of shows built-in, and you can add more from our growing Web-based list. You can also add your own shows. Into underwater photography? Find a site and add it. Classic cars? Bicycles? They're out there. Add sites simply by typing in their URLs, or by using tools like Envision for the Mac, iWeb (part of iLife) and .Mac (MobileMe) to further organize and tune things.

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