Envi User's Guide

All shows have certain settings pre-configured. For example, Art Envi is pre-configured to use the Wipe transition from one image to the next, and Space Envi uses the Dissolve transition. Each Envi application includes a pane in the iPhone/iPod touch's Settings application, for the purpose of changing show settings.

From the iPhone/iPod touch's Home Screen, tap the Settings icon. When Settings runs, the Envi application's icon will be at or near the bottom of the window. Tap the Envi application icon within the Settings window, and the following screen will appear:

The Thumbnails section has controls related to the use and display of thumbnails

Display in Lists

When on, thumbnail images are used in the application's main group list, and for a group's show list. When off, a background image is used.

Start New Shows With

When on, the show starts in thumbnail mode.

Shake to Shrink

When on, allows a shake of the device to decrease the size of thumbnails on the thumbnail display screen.

Number of Columns in Shows

Tapping this control brings up a dialog that allows you to choose the width (in images) of the thumbnail display:

The Show Settings Overrides section has controls for various other show settings.


Specifies whether to override the above five settings for all shows, including those built into iEnvision, downloaded from the iEnvision Web site, or created with Envision for the Mac. The above settings always apply to shows that iEnvision auto-creates, regardless of Override.

Display Images For

Controls how long each image is displayed when the show is playing. Tap "Play Each Image For" and then tap on the desired time frame. Tap the iEnvision button to return to the Settings menu.


Controls how images transition from one to another. Tap Transition, then select a transition mode. Tap the iEnvision button to return to the Settings menu.

Show caption

Controls the display of image captions.


If set, automatically repeats a show once it has finished (see the Override setting below). Tap the slider to toggle it.

Play Automatically

If set, automatically plays a show when it is run (see the Override setting below). Tap the slider to toggle it.

Restarts At Beginning

When you run a show that you've previously seen, it will normally start where it left off before. This control causes re-run shows to always start at the beginning.

Finally, there are two miscellaneous items at the end of the Settings screen.

Reset all shows

Normally, when an Envi application starts a show that it's run before, the show will resume where it left off. With this control set to On, the next time you run the application it will reset all shows, so that the next time you play any show, it will start from the beginning, regardless of whether it's been played before or not.

Message Of The Day

Allows you to disable the display of the Message of the Day (MOTD).

Reshow Last MOTD

After you tap the MOTD in the main window, the MOTD is not displayed again until there's a new one. Enabling this setting causes the MOTD to be re-displayed.

Loop Show If Music

Since some shows are quite short, you may want a show to loop while music is being played. Use this setting to cause any show with music to be looped.


The version number of the Envi application.