Envi User's Guide

In addition to the basic navigation controls, Envi applications provide the user with the means to
The Globe Icon

The Globe icon appears in the control bar at the bottom of any image display, and is used for common options.

Tapping this icon brings up a dialog

The Gear Icon

The Gear icon appears in the control bar at the bottom of any image display. It is used to access less commonly used options

Tapping this icon brings up a dialog

The "i" button

The "i" button appears at the top left of the application's main screen.

Tapping this icon bring up a dialog

List display

The top section allows you to choose whether lists of groups and shows are displayed with a background image or with thumbnails. In the dialog shown, the top section is for a show that is currently displaying lists with background images. The options are A main groups list in thumbnail mode looks like this

while the same list in background image mode looks like this

Show lists are displayed in thumbnail mode with a default thumbnail image for each show, until the show has been run -- after the show has been run, the thumbnail from the latest image displayed is used. Notice the thumbnail used for Altdorfer, Albrecht.

Information links

The next section provides information on the three topics displayed there Registration

The Register this app section allows you to register your Envi application, thus allowing us to contact you with news and upgrade information. Tap in either field and enter your name and email address, or tap Use Your Contact Card to fill in data from any card in the iPhone/iPod's Contacts application.