Art Authority for Kindle Fire User's Guide

In Slide View, all shows have certain settings pre-configured. A common example is the type of transition used when moving from one image to the next. Additionally, Art Authority has certain application-wide settings, such as Number of Images to Cache. Show settings and application settings are accessed differently.

Show Settings
In any show in Slide Mode, there will be a Settings button in the upper right:

Tap the Settings button to bring up the show settings popover:

Display images for - Controls how long each image is displayed when the show is playing. Tap "Play Each Image For" and then tap on the desired time frame. Tap the Settings button to return to the Settings pane.

Transition - Controls how images transition from one to another. Tap Transition, then select a transition mode. Tap the Settings button to return to the Settings pane.

Repeat - If set, automatically repeats a show once it has finished. Tap the checkbox to enable automatic repeat.

Show Caption - Controls the display of image captions. Tap Show Caption and then choose the desired option. Tap the Settings button to return to the Settings pane.

Note that show settings affect all shows, not just the show in which the settings are changed.

Application Settings
To access application-wide settings, go the the main room, tap the Menu button

then the Menu icon

then Settings

You will see one setting:

Limit image memory - This setting determines how much space will be allotted for storage of images. This is part of the same storage space as that used for downloading books, music, and other content. The space used by Art Authority may exceed the value in this setting, but doing a Museum Cleanup (see next section) will reduce the app's storage to this value.

Museum Cleanup
Although unlikely, it may be desirable at some point to reduce the amount of storage used by Art Authority for images. Choosing Museum Cleanup will reduce the amount of space used by the application to the value specified in "Limit image memory" (the section above). To access Museum Cleanup, go the the main room, tap the Menu button, then the Menu icon, then Museum Cleanup.