Art Authority for iPad User's Guide


Art Authority is displaying images longer than it should.

Every time I run a show, it starts where it last left off. How do I get the show to start at the beginning?

I want to change a show's characteristics -- for example, how quickly it moves through images, or whether or not captions are displayed.

Some of the shows get errors, or do not display the images I'd expect.

When I change application settings, they don't seem to take effect right away.

Some images have captions, and others don't.
A show contains some amazing images, but there are no captions, so I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

The art in "Art Near Me" is nowhere near where I am.
Some works display a question mark in Art Real Size, or have the Art Real Size button greyed out.
Some sharing options are missing from the Sharing popover.
In the main room's Directory, I see a show called "Works with Videos", but when I run it, there are no video icons.