Travel Envi Series User's Guide

About the Travel Envi product series

Based on Michael Brein's printed Travel Guide series, Travel Envi applications help you get to a city's main points of interest easily and inexpensively, using public transportation. With Travel Envi apps you can: All Travel Envi content is built into the application, so access is instant and you don't have to worry about Internet access in a foreign city. The product is based on the acclaimed iEnvision Web-image browser, so everything is full-screen, clear and organized, and multi-touch is fully supported.

About this document

Since the Travel Envi apps are derived from iEnvision, many of the Travel Envi apps' features are documented in the iEnvision User's Guide. Specifically: But note that the iEnvision User's Guide also documents features not found in the Travel Envi apps, especially those pertaining to managing shows and groups.

Using Travel Envi apps

Start by choosing a point of interest in the group "Points of Interest A to Z" or "Points of interest by number":

The numbers are taken from the maps in the "Main Map" group:

For example, Kew Gardens is number 5. When you view a point of interest, you'll first see text with summary information about the place. We'll use Kew Gardens from London Envi for this example:

The next image is a map detail showing how to get from public transportation to the place,

then a portion of the public transportation system map,

and finally a picture of the place.

Normally, controls will be displayed at the top and bottom of the screen, as described in Watching shows, but we've omitted them here for visual clarity. There is one icon in the bottom control bar that warrants special mention, though: the globe icon.

In the Travel Envi apps, the globe icon has functionality not found in iEnvision: View in Maps:

Choosing View in Maps switches you to the iPod/iPhone's Maps application, and displays the point of interest.

Details on the Maps application can be found at iPod touch User Guide (with iPhone 2.1 Software) or iPhone User Guide.


I can't double-tap to zoom.

A show is playing too quickly, or too slowly, or automatically starting when I don't want it to, or...