Envi Deluxe Series User's Guide

About the Envi Deluxe product series

The Envi Deluxe series is a line of topic-specific Web-image browsers, similar to the Envi series applications, for the iPhone and iPod touch. Each app in the series provides access to Web images within one category. Apps in the Envi Deluxe series feature these advantages over the Envi series: Both the Envi and Envi Deluxe series products are based on the more general iEnvision iPhone/iPod Web-image browser, which includes most of the topics from all the Envi and Envi Deluxe applications (excluding the Travel Envi series). iEnvision also includes additional topics and features, in particular the ability to add, update and remove items from its topic list, and to add your own topics.

The current Envi Deluxe series includes:

Art Envi Deluxe - An endless art museum in your pocket! Art Envi Deluxe turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an amazing art gallery, with collections from the world's best artists. It gives you easy, full-screen access to thousands of Web-based masterpieces, indexed by artist and by period.

Art Envi Deluxe groups Artists from the Modern period Image from the Kapoor Anish show

Space Envi Deluxe - An infinite space museum in your pocket! Space Envi Deluxe turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a Web-based space museum, with exhibits and archives from around the universe. It gives you easy, full-screen access to an out-of-this-world set of space photographs, grouped into major collections.

Space Envi Deluxe groups Subgroups for Hubble telescope Shows for Hubble Telescope's Universe subgroup Image from the Hubble ultra deep field show

About this document

Since the Envi Deluxe apps are derived from iEnvision, many of the Envi Deluxe apps' features are documented in the iEnvision User's Guide. Specifically: But note that the iEnvision User's Guide also documents features not found in the Envi Deluxe apps, especially those pertaining to managing shows and groups.


An Envi Deluxe app is displaying images longer than it should.

Every time I run a show, it starts where it last left off. How do I get the show to start at the beginning?

I can't double-tap to zoom.

The images in some shows seem to be out of order.

The images in a show seem out of date.

Some shows don't seem to start where they left off.

A show is playing too quickly, or too slowly, or automatically starting when I don't want it to, or...

Some of the shows get errors, or do not display the images I'd expect.

Some images have captions, and others don't.